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currently reading: lord of the rings trilogy by j.r.r. tolkien
currently watching: keeping up with the kardashians (oops), sailor moon crystal, death note, please recommend me good animes!!
currently listening to: tigers jaw, the front bottoms

happy summer dumplings!!! enjoy the sun and try not to spend too much time indoors!!!


if you message me your twitter or instagram username i'll follow you back :-)
message me for kik or snapchat if we're in a mutual, I'm also willing to give out my imessage/number(canada only) if we talk a lot!!

hi dumplings!!! my name's Alice :-) I'm sixteen and I live in Ontario, Canada. I'm asexual-aromantic and a christian :-) I really like pokemon, anime, dragons and iced coffee!!! you can get to know me better by checking my about page or various other places on my blog!! have a wonderful day :-)


wow i actually made it in to a network so yep here's another tab
first things first i'm a princess

I'm clumsier than others and a bit of a crybaby, that's about it.

self procclaimed vampire queen